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location Our school is located in Shinjuku, the biggest international business city in Japan.
It is just a 7 minute walk from JR Shinjuku line, and a 2 minute walk from Shinjuku 3-chome subway line.
And it is very close to the Shinjuku-Gyoen Park.


history Our school is established in the year 1985, so we have 20 years of history.
Around ten thousand students from more than 30 countries have graduated from our school. They stay active in Japan or in their countries by using Japanese after graduated from our school. Some students learned here and their children also learned here in the past 20 years.


office All our office administrative staffs are Japanese and they have experience of going abroad to study foreign languages like English, Chinese, Korean, Germany, Russian, French, and Italian.
Therefore, they can help the students in many ways even if the students cannot speak Japanese. Please do not hesitate asking us!



Our teachers are enthusiastic in teaching and good at communicating with the students. They can help students to adapt the Japanese life and pursue the higher education in Japan.
Many teachers have experience in teaching Japanese for more than 10 years.


textbooks Our teachers have a monthly meeting to share teaching experience and class information. They also discuss a more effective and attractive teaching style. They have written various supplemental materials for the class: Minnano Nihongo Japanese Kanji Workbook Ⅰ・Ⅱ. You can find “Minnano-Nihongo Kanji Workbook Ⅰ・Ⅱ” in major bookstores and Japanese language schools.


students The students who are learning Japanese come from more than 30 countries. Their mother languages are all different, but the common language is Japanese in the classroom.

Students include people who want to enter the Japanese universities/colleges, business professionals, or house wives.


lessons We have classes from beginners to advance level. We also have the class for students who aim to go to Japanese universities or colleges. We have EJU preparation course, essay writing course, and a model interview to pass the examination.
As many students have their own dreams and goals, we offer different classes such as to study daily conversation class, business conversation class, Kanji class to meet their needs & wants.
We also offer the intensive course for students whose time is not flexible.
Furthermore, students will have the chance to learn Japanese culture through extracurricular activities.

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