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What’s General / Short-term Course?

What’s General / Short Term Course

It is a comprehensive course to learn Japanese for staying in Japan.

  • Prospective students with a visa except for student visa such as family visa, working-holiday visa, designated activity visa are also able to take classes from one day.
  • Prospective students with a short-term visa are also able to take classes.
  • In accordance with their schedule, students can opt to study at our school in either the short or long term.
  • You can start studying even from today
General / Short-term Course Schedule, Fee Structure

General / Short-term Course Period & Price
General / Short-term Course Period & Price


  • Beginner’s Class Start Dates
    January, April, July, August, October
  • Students who already have experience with Japanese will take a placement test before starting class.
  • The Class Fee is calculated from the day you start school, so you are able to enter school in the middle of the month.

Time Schedule

  • Morning class/ 8:50 - 12:30 Mon to Fri (except for nationall holidays)
  • Afternoon class/ 12:50 to 16:30 Mon to Fri ( except for national holidays)

Fee Structure

  • Entrance Fee \20,000 (only pay once)
  • 授業料:¥55,000 / 1カ月(20授業日)
  • The fees in July and August differ from above.

Application Procedure


You come to Japan / You are already in Japan

Please contact us visa email or come directly to the school. We will give you more information about the school.
We speak English, French, Chinese, and Korean.

Tokyo International Japanese School TEL: +81-3-3350-9761

When you come to the school

Placement test
In order to place you in a class appropriate for your level, we will have you take a written test as well as an interview with a teacher.
Trial lesson
In order to make sure that the class fits your needs, you will be able to observe a class that suits your level.
Class observation is free, so please feel free to ask about it at any time.

Required Documents

  • Application Form (Provided by TIJS)
  • 2 Identity Photos
  • Passport
  • Registration card if you have

A day of students

A Day Of Students
General / Short Term Course
  • Sara is a French loves Japanese culture.
  • Spending active days, studying Japanese with working holiday visa.



It is possible to introduce many dormitories through the school.
From short-term stay to long-term stay, single room / double room etc, you can choose the accommodation in Tokyo according to your wishes.



At our school you can learn Japanese culture through many school activities as well as learning Japanese.
We organise cultural events as a part of class lessons, such as Kimono lesson, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and Japanese traditional plays. Also bus trip, No and Kabuki, watching baseball games, Onsen and Interaction with Japanese uni students are conducted out of class.
*The contents of school activities may be changed