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At Tokyo International Japanese School (hereafter referred to as “TIJS” below), according to laws regarding the protection of personal information and following the policies for handling personal information set forth by the government, we deal with personal information as listed below.

1.Regarding the Collection of Personal Information

We will ask for your personal information when you request materials such as admissions information.

2.Regarding the Contents of Personal Information

The personal information we ask for is the applicant’s name, address, telephone number, sex, birthdate, and email address. According to the circumstances, we may also ask for other personal information.

3.Regarding our Handling of Personal Information

At TIJS, we work hard at protecting your personal information, whether it be in electronic form or a printed document. We make sure all of our teachers and office workers are aware of the rules regarding personal information of the students.

4.Regarding the Disclosure of Personal Information

TIJS will never release personal information to a third-party without your consent. However, there are certain times when it is necessary to release personal information. These are listed below.

5.Amendment or Deletion of Personal Information

When there are errors or changes in your personal information, or when wishing the school to dispose of your personal information, excluding exceptions as stated by law, we will deal with your requests after confirming your identity.
We dispose of some parts of your personal information after a fixed amount of time passes. We cannot respond to requests regarding your personal information after it has already been disposed.

6.Regarding Personal Information Obtained in the Past

As for personal information obtained before 2004, it will be handled as according to this privacy policy.

7.Regarding the Amendment of this Privacy Policy

At TIJS, in order to win your trust and confidence, we will make suitable corrections to this privacy policy. Moreover, the corrected privacy policy will immediately be published.